Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Cross Country 2016

Cross Country was an exiting and a nervous event where you raced your age and gender group in your syndicate. Normally the seniors would go to Monique park but it was cancelled because of the horrible weather so we had to do it the next fine day which was Wednesday. We had to run 5 laps of the extended course which was 2000 meters (2 km). After cross country i had a dry throat and almost passed out!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Wacky Olympics

The Vardon School Wackies were on Friday 19th August 2016 and they were just like the Olympics but a mini version with a couple of exciting events like straw javelin, coin toss, wheel barrow races and the discus. The top competitors from each class were entered into the wakies and were one of the very few who got chosen for that particular event.

The events were Straw Javelin when you had to try throw a straw the furthest (These are totally random & random events). Discus was another one, it was when you threw a paper plate upside down and threw it like a frizz-bee and the farthest throw gets to go through. Coin toss when you had 2 or 4 or 6 ex. on your elbow and you had to bend down and bop up then at that very second you fling your arm up in the air and catch the counters. Wheel Barrow races were when you had your partners legs in the air and they crawl in mid air wile you hold their legs up in the air and race to the finish line. 

I am from Room 14 and we were representing
After each event of each of the finals were a medal ceremony when  the top 3 best people in the syndicate earnt a medal 1st - gold 2nd - silver 3rd - bronze

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Clay Sculpture Reflection

1. My clay sculpture is a Panzerkampwagon Tiger ausf VI (Tiger 1)

2. My sculpture title was the big, the heavy and the deadly and it represents what happened in the war.

3. I enjoyed the very second when I used score and slip to attach the turret of the vehicle to the hull.

4. The hardest bit was making everything straight and cube-like cause crack kept on coming and it was a trouble to get it all even so that's probably a foal for next time I do clay work.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Flox Artwork Reflection

1. We choose our stencil to use for our main animal, -(I choose kiwi). First we planned our artwork with layers and sponge painted through all our stencils.

2. The earliest part of my artwork was the green flax bush on the very bottom of the circle.

3. I liked the outline of my giant leaves and the colours I made by mixing two colours to make a new colour                                                                                                                                                        
4. My favourite part was my main image - Kiwi ended up to be my favourite bit of my artwork circle.

5. If I had more time to do my artwork I would sponge harder and add details to my kiwi like fur.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Museum Visit

We went to the Museum of Hamilton a couple of weeks ago, the reason we went the was to study about our terms topic: Art and our artist we were focusing on was Zeena Elliot.

We saw amazingly creative stuff in the museum like a wall with over 80 moths that all felt pretty realistic which was based on when she went on holiday to another country and on a walk and while she was walking she must had disturbed their sleep so the started crowding her and she just stood there and discovered  the light touch of the moth.

I learnt about Zeena Elliot's art work and the stories of her and her techniquce of her art works.

My favourite artwork was the whale artwork- (don't).

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Collaboration-Marshmallow And Spaghetti Tower Sculpture

Our big idea for this term is: Collaboration.

My favourite Collaboration task we have made this term was the Marshmallow And Spaghetti Tower Sculpture. We had to make a tall tower with one half of a spaghetti packet along with eight or more marshmallows. We first had to huddle up as a group and make a plan collaboratively with each other and include everyone's ideas. First we placed four marshmallows on our platform then we decided in the plan to make a base of a strong tower and got to work and started shoving marshmallows in spaghetti sticks and placed then together and it worked. BUT! five seconds later it collapsed but we came up with with a solution and made an x crossing the bottom of the sculpture, and it was standing like a professional piece of artwork. Then Kaspar came up with an idea to stick a marshmallow on the top and it worked. We added a peace logo (the one with your hands) to the top and that's how we made it!  

It was a serious challenge and I just think its amazing to be able to do this.

I think the group roll that I did the best was Interpreter because we worked well together.

Police Officer cause you have to control lots of people and be the Controller of the group. 

Monday, 7 March 2016

Assembly Reflection

YAYY our assembly today lets get all of our stuff done quick so we can go. Ring ring ''there goes the bell'' Mrs. gun said. time to get ready. Now we had to wait for 20-50 mins for the classes to arrive cause we arrived early to get ready. First we did our selfie writing, nothing to explain there because
i was not in it. next selfie writing. Then we did a dance Up town funk. almost done, then we did 2 scripts 1st one i was not 2nd i was we did a collaborative script. then some kids shared there post about their buddies. THE END